In Class This Week We’ve Done…….

This week in science class for Mrs.Wilson we have done an experiment that has to do with popcorn. We popped popcorn in a microwave, a hot plate, and an air popper. We were demonstarting radiation, convection, and conduction. We figured that convection occurs when heat is transferred through a liquid or a gas. We also figuired out that radiation requires no substance to travel from one place to another. What we lastly figuired out was that conduction is when heat is transferred from atoms that are touching. We also went through a power point that described the heat and what drives the weather. The sun is what drives the weather, and infrared is a type of radiation for heat. The atmoshere is important so we dont burn our skin or get skin cancer. A type of energy is thermal energy which is measured by a thermometer. It was a lot to learn, but thats what I learned today.

My Favorite Thing About Science

My favorite thing about science in general would have to be learning about soil, because I thought that was very interesting. Science is very fun and it tells you about the world. You need to know science to explain why most things happen and I love learning and discovering new things through SCIENCE!!!!!!!

The Way I Would Audit My Blog

In all I had 13 posts and 4 of them were science related, which are not blog challenges, and  9 of them were blog challenges. I received no comments from students. What I Do After School was the post that got the most comments and one of them was from this cool guy that is a dad that said his child is like me in many ways I think that happened because the cool man was just looking around at blogs and decided to leave a comment on my blog because he found something in common and liked the post I wrote. I enjoyed writing The waterfall post and I enjoyed that because it was fun to think of a creative story and just do the beginning and let other people finish the story and they also get to be creative. At first when I got my blog I had a very colorful theme that I still like but have changed because I was getting tired of it, seeing it every time I go on my website. So I changed it to a more green theme for the Earth. I know this is disappointing but I don’t have any widgets on my blog because I never figured out how to put them on my blog. This is another disappointing thing I didn’t have any overseas students on my blog roll. But overall I think that my blog is awesome and I am proud of it.


Soccer is my most favorite thing to do. I LOVE, LOVE, soccer and I don’t mean to be bragging but I am extremely good at soccer, soccer is also known as football, but most people call it soccer. Sense I am eleven years old I am in a U12 age group, and once you turn twelve you move up to U14 and so on. In U12 there are 8 players on the field, but determining how many people sign up for soccer determines how many people are actually on the team. When you have 8 players on the field there is different ways you can position the players, but the basic way is 2 forwards, 3 midfield, 3 defence, and 1 goalie.

To be able to play soccer you need to have a pair of shin guards that fit your size, you need long sports socks that cover up your shin guards, and you need cleats without the medal spikes at the bottom. I play for Atlanta Fire United soccer and their colors are red and black so you have to buy a jersey and black sports shorts that are comfortable. Your goal in soccer is to score a goal on the apposing teams goal and at the end of the game, which takes 1 hour and 15 minutes, whoever has the most goals wins the game. When you score a goal in soccer it only counts one point, but in order to score as goal you have to dribble past everybody.

When you get older and still play soccer the fields get bigger and bigger so as you get older the game becomes a passing game to score, but you have to be careful because if you get called for offsides and score it doesn’t count. Off sides is when you pass the ball past the last defender to another player. When that happens the referee blows their whistle and the other team gets a free kick. That’s where a person from the other team gets to kick the ball, pass the ball, or do what they want with it. Soccer is AWESOME!!


How do we know what the Earth’s interior structure is like when we can’t see it?

Well, P waves go through land and water which makes inside the Earth have to have land and water. S waves just go through land so they have to stop when the water comes and go around it or just stop. We can tell from using seismic tomography that some places are cool and some are hot, and some regions are all hot and some regions are all cold. Another way you can tell how the interior is, is create models of a planet and figure out which parts of it are liquid and solid. You can even represent places with colors and where the seismic waves travel faster it will indicate some places are cooler or denser then other places.

P and S waves are a good way to tell what the interior structure is like because it tells how some places are more dense the others and how some are cooler or hotter then others. The Earth and other models of planets have liquid or solids and it depends what planet has what. So P waves can pass through both a liquid and a solid and S waves can just pass through a solid. The layers of the Earth are very important because they can tell how old some parts of the Earth is and it can tell how some parts of the world are new. But everything is changing so you have to keep finding new ways to find out new things about the world.

How My Class Made a Little Difference

Last year and every other year that White Oak has been a school, all the fifth graders come together out on the playground and each class in the fifth grade gets to plant a tree. Every time we plant a tree we are making up for all the destruction humans have done to the Earth by cutting down the trees to build houses, work building, or another new restaurant, or shopping mall. These trees have a big part in every persons life, they give us oxygen to breath and they let us survive. Every Time the old fifth graders leave, new ones take their place and sense the number of people is growing there will have to be more teachers. Then more trees will be planted for each and every class. I know we cut and destroy the trees for a reason, we do it because of how many people there are on the Earth. We need food, and clothing stores, and work to get money, but one day I hope we find another way to get all these things that we need. Because one day the Earth will die and by destroying it, is just bringing it closer to death.

My Favorite Color

My favorite color would have to be a neon yellow or bananaish yellow or neon orange because I love bright colors and colors that stand out. Those kind of colors are really awesome. I love the sun yellow of the sun and the rising and setting of the sun, but I love neon orange because it is really bright and looks different then most colors and like I said, it stands out. My favorite color used to be neon green or lime green, but it changed, I guess because I got older, my favorite color is always changing. I also like yellow and orange a lot because they are the kind of colors that make everything bright and feel good around them. OK so I know I am getting kind of boring so I will show you guys that are reading this some photos.      

The Waterfall ( beginning )

Hi, everybody my name is Sammy the scientist, I am on an adventure to get a specimen of a tree branch in the Amazon Rain forest. But the thing that I am not sure what I am going to do about is that the tree branch that I need a specimen from is hanging over a waterfall. A giant waterfall that immediately drops one thousand feet down, I am thinking that I might fly a helicopter to get it but it is to close to the water. So I am going to travel to the rain forest and figure it out.

I got to the airport boarded my plane and it felt like forever ,but I finally got there. I found a pathway going down to the forest and I have got a huge map showing me where to go. I start walking down the path and stop and put my map in front of me and start figuring out where I need to go, I got what I need to do so I put my map down and standing almost two feet away from me was a huge gorilla looking hungry and ready to attack. I get extremely scared and without thinking I start to run and drop my map, then the gorilla starts chasing after me. I run as fast as I could with my bag bouncing on my back and remember I brought a knife to protect myself in case stuff like this happened. I was running and pulling the knife out of my bag and finally stopped and threw my knife at the gorilla, it didn’t kill it but it made it stop and fall down. It gave me enough time to run away and when I got to some part of the forest I saw a huge river and was running to fast and fell in and saw a huge waterfall ahead and the current pulling me closer.

What do I do after School?

I have a lot of activities that I like to do, I like to have a busy life. One of my most absolute favorite activities to do after school is play soccer, this year I am playing soccer for Atlanta Fire United and I play for the Hotshots. I have been playing soccer sense I was five and now I am eleven and there are two seasons in each year so I have been playing for seven years. I really enjoy playing soccer and I am very good at it, but I also like to run after school, I do running club for another after school activity. I run about three miles in running club every Wednesday and have a blast. I am in running club with two of my friends and we all love to run that’s why we joined, but that is very fun. I also do soccer club in the morning on Moday’s, it is so so so much fun two of my other friends are  in that with me too and we all love soccer so much, they also play soccer ay Atlanta Fire United with me. But there are only like eight girls in soccer club and the rest are  boys and in all there are like forty kids in soccer club in all. As you can tell my friends and I especially love soccer so much I encourage anybody to try it.

I also do activities like science after school with Mrs.W and learn about space, and astronauts, and space ships, and more space, but all that stuff is interesting to me. I have a very extraordinary life ,I think, and have different activities to do after school and I like all of them. I hope I have a busy life all my life and have fun doing it, but if I feel overwhelmed in any way I will drop something. So I am very happy with my after school life.

Digital Footprints That I Left Behind

I didn’t realize how many footprints I have left behind from joining websites and walking into places with security.  I have joined Webkinz when I was younger, a website called Fantage, and a McDonald’s website. When I joined Webkinz they asked me my email, phone number, birthday, my name, and to pick a user name and password. When I joined Fantage they asked for my email, birthday, username and password, my name, a phone number, and to make a house on Fantage. On the McDonald’s website they didn’t ask for a lot but they still asked for an email, password and user name, and to make an avatar. When I walk into hotels, or a bank, or any places with a camera watching you they film you trying to protect there facility. I understand all that but I wonder what they do with the tapes or Cd’s when they are done with them.

When I googled my name I looked at photos that came up and just a bunch of old people came up with white hair and wrinkles, but there was one picture of a newborn baby. Then I looked at a couple of websites that popped up and a lot of Sylvia’s popped up, but not of me. It had no records of any Sylvia’s in this town. There is probably no records of me because I don’t do websites like facebook or twitter or post pictures of me but there are probably pictures or videos somewhere of me, but I don’t know where. I bet I have left behind a ton of cookies and tracking footprints behind from when I was little up to wright now, but I just hope nobody bad gets a hold of them.